How love dolls are so popular for a reason
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How love dolls are so popular for a reason
How love dolls are so popular for a reason

Why are love dolls so popular? Why are they on the cover of many mainstream magazines? The market has changed a lot in 10 years!

Love doll market 10 years ago

At that time, the market was a niche market. Doll lovers gathered in forums or discussion groups. It wasn’t a closed, forbidden community, but owning a love doll was really the gateway to getting into the forumsl!

The better known international brands came from the US and Japan, and cost at least 300,000 yen or more.

Alternatives to inflatable dolls

Yes, it’s a trend. A cheap “love doll”, but the reality of the market has begun to favor love dolls! Imagine you need to inflate and deflate your doll every time. It’s a pain in the ass to imagine yourself at a trade show, looking for an inflatable doll, sticking your finger in the mouth of the doll to test the strength of the mouth, and thinking to yourself, “Hmm, this doll seems to leak when you poke it.”

Love dolls in movies

In the early 2000s, Monique (Monique) was a French film about love dolls. Alex (Dupontel) orders a love doll instead of the case of wine he was going to order! And then he fell in love with her!

Love dolls from 2010 to the present

Later, Chinese manufacturers who manufacture as a foundry launched inexpensive love dolls, and as the price of the dolls dropped, the Chinese made dolls were gradually recognized by the mainstream of society. Price depending on the material has been able to do tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen price range, large size love dolls became very popular.

Then some vloggers began to produce and shoot about and the daily life of the dolls, so that more people know about love dolls. On the major media portals, the web can find a large number of articles, portraits and videos about love dolls, from unboxing to analyzing comments. This was an embarrassing thing to imagine 10 years ago.

The future of love dolls?

Predictions about the market are subjective, and by nature trends are volatile. With the influx of potential buyers, more and more brands and love stores will slowly emerge.