Instagram Celebrity Nudes Becoming a Trend
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Instagram Celebrity Nudes Becoming a Trend
Instagram Celebrity Nudes Becoming a Trend

When we talk about celebrities along with social media, it can be easily said that nudity has become a kind of inevitable. Let’s accept the fact: nude sells. This fact can be easily said and is also evident from the tons and several nudes that can be seen on the covers of endless magazine covers over the years. but the reality now is, this trend of nudes and nakedness has come into reality. It is not only the nude scandals that have been caused by the top actors of the industry. This year, it can be seen that several celebrities have gone naked in their Instagram posts.

From the top celebrities like Kim Kardashian West to Miley Cyrus to Amanda Cerny nudeeveryone has chosen to post on their own accounts and garnered lots of likes and comments from their fans.

Some of the celebrities chose to upload their own nudes as their Instagram post to make a statement for the society while others have done it for fun. Some of the most popular are listed in the article below.

Halle Berry:

According to what she had said to a popular magazine in the year 2010, coming out in the open and feeling confident and comfortable with her sexuality took her some time. The world is slowly accepting her. If the world was not so persecuted towards her, then she was confident of taking nudes and uploading them every week because that showcases her self-confidence in the world.

Miley Cyrus:

Nudity is a part of self-expression for pop sensation Miley Cyrus, and no one can shame her out of this. According to her, she does not stress about what the world thinks about her anymore. She does not want people to follow her in her private moments or hack her email to get hold of her nude pictures and make it easy for everyone by uploading it.


Singer Sia took it very seriously when people invaded her privacy. She took it in her hands and uploaded a nude of her backside and made sure that no one can make money by selling these photos of her.

Nudity is something that is part of everyday life. It is a realistic way of expression and there is nothing wrong about it. People have come a long way and have understood that nudity is not a crime. If still, some think like that, then they need to change themselves rather than judging others.