My Garden Has Weeds, And It Has Not-weeds
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My Garden Has Weeds, And It Has Not-weeds

My garden has weeds, and it has not-weeds. I prefer not-weeds. So I pull the weeds? Every second I spend trying to pull a weed is a second that I can’t spend planting/cultivating/nourishing/watering/encouraging a non-weed. Every second I spend trying to discourage you from eating junk food and playing video games and watching porn and watching the presidential debates is a second that I can’t spend encouraging you to write stories on Medium. Everything that’s maladaptive stems from our failure to understand the problem by hiding our love away. It’s not truly loving if there’s no sacrifice. So by “love” I mean using cash to accurately/honestly communicate our valuation of people’s diverse behavior.

We’d have absolutely no incentive to hide our love. Would we all love the same stories? The widest possible variety of beneficial stories will be loved with a plethora of pennies. Diversely beneficial stories Once everybody understands this fundamentally important concept then the pragmatarian model will be applied everywhere. Everyone will be super informed about how much benefit any given behavior provides society. You’ll know how much society benefits from you watching Sex Games porn compared to how much society benefits from you writing stories. This benefit disparity will be in your head when you decide whether to watch porn or write a story. The more society values your stories… the more likely it is that you’ll choose to write a story rather than watch porn.

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