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Humiliating Accident at BFFs

In the steamy clip ‘Humiliating Accident at BFF’s’ Sophia Sprinkle makes the best of a shitty situation she finds herself in. While relaxing at her best girlfriend’s house, Sophia loses a diamond earring. Sophia’s is crawling around on the floor of her girlfriends house with her purple yoga pants wearing booty taking up the entire view. Sophia tells us that she needs to poop, and wants to see what happens while she looks for her jewel.

Sophia lets loose in her pants, filling it up with mushy logs. But wait, this is her best girlfriend’s house, not hers! The fragrant stench of Sophia’s turds permeate the room. She can’t resist showing us the fat load she just emptied into her pants. She pulls them down and her booty is smeared with her fresh turds. Sophia gives the camera a close up of her mushy turds, proud of the large pile of logs. Compared to her hand, there’s at least two handfuls of turds! The eggy smell will surely linger in the room. Hopefully her girlfriend will forgive her for such a shitty situation.  See here https://scatsy.com/product/humiliating-accident-at-bffs/